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Frequently Asked Questions

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Increase your Production and Collections

Practitioners are struggling to deliver quality patient care while trying to chase insurance claims and appeal questionable denied claims. It is often costly to hire full time staff and often times staff are not fully trained to submit 100% accurate claims.

Our team at GetVWire consists of skilled dental managers and billing experts who truly understand that production alone does not pay the bills. With over 40+ years of combined experience working in the field and helping dental offices succeed, we are committed to providing concierge billing and front desk support. We care about your results and want you to enjoy practice ownership and providing quality dental care to your patients.

Should I replace my staff members?

Your patients are your personal advocates outside of the office and your staff members are your personal advocates to your patients. We recommend utilizing your staff in a different capacity to increase growth. Your staff members should focus on filling your schedule, marketing for new patients, increasing production and giving patients more personalized attention, thereby increasing patient’s treatment acceptance rate.

What are the basic requirements?

GetVWire is a team of virtual dental experts who are wireless and work remotely to efficiently support all your billing needs. A good broadband internet service is required for our team to operate.

Are your services expensive?

Our rates are competitive, affordable and reasonable. Multiple experts will be working on your account for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. There are NO long-term contracts required.

We are only successful when our clients are successful.